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Gardenia’s Fire’s mission is to bring families, friends and communities closer together as they express their love, joy, gratitude and celebration to one another by sending one of our exquisite gourmet pastry bouquets.

Creating Memories
We recognize that life is full of small moments that become lifelong memories. We want to help you create special memories with one of our beautiful pastry bouquets. At Gardenia’s Fire we’ve combined our passion for luscious desserts and our commitment to stunning visual presentation to create a selection of magnificent edible gifts. We like to think we’re taking gift giving to the next level. Whether your gift is for yourself or for someone you love, a Gardenia’s Fire bouquet or gift box is a choice of quality and uniqueness that will be remembered for years to come.
Commitment to Excellence
As a company we are committed to excellence. We know how important your gift is because we understand the importance of the person receiving it. Our pastries are not just beautiful and delicious, they are also made with the highest quality, local ingredients. In our private kitchen in New Jersey, we are proud to create the freshest and most wholesome products possible, each one carefully baked, prepared, packaged and shipped just for you. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. We also would love to hear how Gardenia’s Fire has helped make some of your moments memorable. Write to us at [email protected].